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Hello world!

What kind of Christian are you?

There are sooo many kinds of Christians out there and I’m not referring to your denomination e.g. Pentecostal, Methodist catholic etc., which by the way fragments the church because rather than saying I’m a Christian, some people say “I’m a penetcostal” but that’s another story. I’m talking about your walk with God- how you live your everyday life.  Well I’m going go through the major ones and you can decide.

A screw-face Christian: We all know that being a Christian isn’t easy but I don’t see why we have to walk around with “a screw face every day of your life” (Victizzle feat Blush UK ‘Smile’) loool. There are people who are just constantly sad, but when you find out they are a Christians it’s like a slap in the face. Didn’t Jesus die so we can have life more abundantly (john 10:10)? Dayyyamm just crack a smile once in a while.

The stagnant Christian: Such people live a life on what they have been taught in Sunday school and don’t really grow further than that. Some people who don’t read their bible apart from on Sunday. We aren’t meant to stay on baby milk forever. People cuss those children who are still being breast-fed at the age of like 13 or something ridiculous like that, but these type of Christians are no different. It’s time to move onto solids peeps. (Hebrews 5:13)

The I-was-born-a-christian Christian: These types of Christians haven’t given their lives to Christ because they are in a Christian family so they think that’s enough. The bible says we must confess with our mouths and believe with our hearts that Jesus Christ is Lord (Romans 10:9)

Another type of Christian that could possibly fall into this category is the ‘good works’ Christian who just does good things and thinks that’s enough to get them into heaven. Sorry dude but we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God and unfortunately the wages of sin is death. (Romans 6:23, Romans 3:23)

The worldly Christian: These are the ones who are no different to someone who is an unbeliever apart from the fact that they go to church; from constant raving, to drunkenness and basically the gratification of the flesh (all of which we will delve into in more detail in following blog entries). When people do find out they are a Christian they are surprised. We are in the world but we are not of the world (John 15:18).

The ashamed Christian: These ones are quite similar to the worldly Christian only, they try to keep from people they are a Christian. They will quite happily read their bible and pray in secret, but in terms of letting light shine before men…well!!! “if you deny me I will deny you before my father in heaven” (Matt 10:33)

The living-in-sin Christian: Such Christians base their life on Romans 3:23 ‘we have all sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God’ in that, they use it as an excuse life their sinful lives. However, one must be careful how we use this scripture because although this true, one must remember that as a Christian yes we sin but we shouldn’t LIVE in sin!

The Over-saved Christian: Looool this is a personal favourite of mine. I’m sure we all know people who are ‘OVER-SAVED’ and like Michael Jr said if you don’t then someone has you in mind hahahaha!!!  Allow me to demonstate (it sounds better in an American accent):

Normal person: I’m thirsty

Oversaved person: Yh so am I, I’m thirsty for Jesus

Oh for pitty sake! I’m all for letting your light shine and proclaiming God but these people are too much. One time I said I sleep too much and one guy gave me a scripture on how too much sleep is not God. You think I don’t know?! Is if it is not evidence enough when I don’t have enough hours to complete my work KMT!! Such people can be judgemental also. What gets me is that some of these Christians tend to put on a facade, acting as if they are perfect and holier than thou when their lives are full of sin. At least such needn’t fear that Jesus will deny them ey?!


The living-like-Christ Christian: This is type of Christian we are meant to be, such Christians are by no means perfect but the long to be more like The PERFECT CHRISTIAN: Jesus Christ himself. Such Christians love Jesus sooo much that they love the things he loves and hates the things he hates. Such people do sin but choose not to live in sin. Although perfection is unattainable (due to our flesh), this is our aim and what we must pursue of the rest of our lives. I pray that through this blog, we all get closer and closer to the PERFECT CHRISTIAN!

I hope this has wet your apatite and I hope you join us on this journey to towards being more like Christ. If you have been blessed by this please send it to you friends.

Sinceress x

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God Bless you xx

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